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Water Damage Restoration: Potential Problems For Homeowners

water damage restoration indianapolis, water damage indianpolis, water damage repair indianapolisIndianapolis residents certainly know what water damage looks like – snow storms, flooding, and thunderstorms can all cause major water damage to your home.

But not all water damage is as obvious; some water problems can be difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. Parts of your home may seem perfect and without need of restoration or replacement until it’s too late. Knowing where water problems are likely to hide and how to spot them early can protect your from hidden water damage problems.

If you live in Indianapolis and suspect that water is a potential problem inside your property, contact the professional water damage restoration team at Total Restoration today.

Signs That Your Home Has Hidden Water Damage

  1. Higher Than Normal Water Bill – If your water bill suddenly sky rockets for no reason, that is a red flag that water is leaking somewhere on or in your property. Water leaks from pipes inside the walls can cause extensive damage and make your water bill absurdly high. Be sure to contact water damage restoration professionals to check for water damage and moisture inside your home.
  2. Mold – When mold grows in your home, there is a moisture issue. Though it could be related to a humid, moist temperature like bathrooms have, it could be caused by slow leaks from the roof or in the basement. Water that can seep inside your home from outside could show itself as mold before you recognize water damage.
  3. Soft Or Discolored Spots – If your ceilings or walls start looking discolored (yellow or brownish) – you may be seeing signs of a wet spot in your structure. Wet parts of your home are going to start feeling more soft and damp. This can include the floorboards, hardwood flooring and carpet.
  4. Warping – Warping in the wood around windows and in floors can indicate water. Not all warping is related to water. Window wood frames can warp because of the sun. Flooring in bathrooms and the kitchen that have been damaged by water can start bending and folding. If you notice folding in laminate or wood, check for water damage.
  5. Cracks In The Foundation – When water seeps into the soil around your home, the pressure build up that happens within the soil can cause cracking in the foundation. Cracks in basement walls and in the foundation can indicate water problems under the surface. If water is seeping into your basement from any location, contact a professional water damage cleanup team right away.

Water Damage Restoration In Indianapolis

Total Restoration General Contractors, Inc. is a water damage remediation, restoration, and construction company located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  With over 10,000 completed projects, Total Restoration is trained, skilled, and equipped to handle any home disaster requiring restoration.  The IICRC certified company also promises immediate emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The professionals at Total Restoration have also been trained in the extra cleaning and sterilization steps contaminated water requires.