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Storm Warning: Why You Should Always Seek Professional Help 

water damage restoration indianapolis, water damage cleanup indianapolisIt seems that anytime you turn on the news, the word ‘hurricane’ or ‘flood’  pops up. Images of torn down homes, broken trees, floating cars, and extreme amounts of water illuminate the screen. You hear the stories of the survivors and how the storm completely turned their world upside down.

Just recently Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas and the southeastern parts of the United States and caused extreme damage and heartache to the residents who live there. Now, although you live in Indianapolis and are pretty safe from the dangers of these hurricanes, these events do make you wonder what you would do if an intense flood came into your town and damaged your home and property. Or even if a mini flood occurred in your basement because of a pipe leak or toilet explosion. How would you feel? Helpless? Unsure where to turn? Well, don’t worry! There are professionals who are trained to take care of such problems. Specialists like the ones at Total Restoration General Contractors Inc. are very skilled in handling any type of water damage. In cases like these, it is important to remember a few things: 

  1. Time is of the essence: Contact the professionals immediately if you your home suffers water damage. The longer the water sits, the more damage it may cause to your property and belongings. 
  2. Mold: The word alone makes most people cringe. Keep in mind that the water damage may have started a long time before you caught it. If this is the case, there is a pretty good chance that mold has also invaded your space. However, these trained professionals know and understand how to best take care of this issue. These specialists have state of the art equipment and advanced restoration processes to take care of the secondary problem of mold as quickly as possible. 
  3. Temporarily relocate: Now this does not mean that you need to find a new home or pack up any of your things. However, it might be easier if you remove yourself and your family from the scene. Take necessary belongings that you may need for the allotted time that the professionals suggest and get out of there. You have experienced enough stress through this process. Let the professionals take over and solve it for you! 
  4. Keep calm! Remember, these are professionals that know how to take care of your property. They will come in and inspect the type of water damage you have experienced and use the proper equipment to clean it up. Depending on the type of water that invaded your home, it may be contaminated. If this is the case, these specialists already have the correct treatment and equipment to take care of it and keep you and your family safe! 

No matter what type of water damage may have occurred in your home or property, do not hesitate to contact professionals like those at Total Restoration General Contractors. They will give you the peace of mind and 100% satisfaction that you need after a stressful event.