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Steps To Take To Help With Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration carmel, water damage cleanup carmel, water damage repair carmelTaking immediate action after water damage to your Carmel home can mitigate further problems and help keep restoration costs low. The problem is many homeowners do not know how to respond or what steps to take following water damage. This means valuable time can be wasted, and every second counts when dealing with water damage restoration. Do not waste any time! The team at Total Restoration GC wants to change that, so we are sharing the steps that should be taken immediately following any water damage so you can have the most successful restoration possible.

Water Damage Restoration In Carmel

Step 1: Call Total Restoration at the first sign of water damage. Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond in your time of need. The sooner you get the water stopped and dried, the less damage will occur, and with our experience we can get the process started quickly and correctly. 

Step 2: Call your homeowners insurance. Your insurance company needs to be aware of your situation so they can send an adjuster to you. You will need to document all the damage, take pictures, make lists, and let them know what restoration company you’re working with. 

Step 3: Turn off your power. Electricity and gas running to the affected area can pose serious safety risks. Even if it is a small leak, it is better to be safe than sorry. Turn off your power until the professionals arrive, then follow their instruction from there. 

Step 4: Stop the flow of water.  Sometimes the source of water is unknown, and until the restoration team arrives you may not be able to tell where it is coming from. Even if you can see the source you may not be in a position to get it stopped so the best thing you can do is shut off the main water line to your home.  

Step 5: If possible, remove valuable possessions. If the area is safe to enter, try to remove as many items as possible, especially ones that have significant value to you. The longer possessions sit in water, the more damage they can sustain. However, if you are unsure if the water in the area is contaminated or safe to enter, sit tight and wait for the restoration team to arrive and assess the situation. 

Step 6: Remove standing water. Again, only proceed with this step if it is safe to be in the area. The longer waiter sits, the more damage it will cause so you want to get it out as quickly as possible. The good news is Total Restoration GC has industrial equipment to adequately remove water from your home, and we are ready to begin right away. 

Step 7: Begin the drying process. Once all the water has been removed, drying and cleanup can begin. With the use of fans and dehumidifiers, all moisture and water can be dried from the area. Our trained technicians have all the equipment and experience necessary to get your home dried thoroughly. 

Step 8: Let our team handle it all. We not only cleanup all the water damage, but will handle the entire restoration process from start to finish. We will take the stress and work from you, and leave you with a clean restored home. When you follow these steps and respond as quickly as possible, you can be sure that your home will get the best results possible when it comes to water damage restoration.