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3 Reasons Why To Invest In Professional Water Damage Repair

If you have ever experienced water damage in your home, the thought, “I can probably handle this myself,” may have entered your mind. It makes sense, with the current do-it-yourself craze and finding answers from “how to build a swimming pool in one weekend” to “how to chop cilantro” on Youtube. It is empowering to handle problems, big and small, on your own. However, the internet is just as full of examples of “fails” so you should be a little cautious about what things you try to tackle on your own. One thing you should definitely hire a professional for is when you are in need of some water damage repair in your home, and here’s why.

Mold Growth
One of the most common and most frustrating results of residual moisture in your home is mold growth. Mold can grow anywhere and on basically any surface as long as it has moisture and a food source. So if you are in need of water damage repair in your home from a leak or a flood, it is vital that you get all the moisture out of your walls and flooring. But how can you do this if your only drying mechanisms are towels and fans? The answer is, you cannot definitively know if you have all the moisture out of your walls unless you have the correct infrared moisture detecting tools and the knowledge of how to get it out of each surface.
Mold growth should not be something that you just brush off and live with if it is inside your walls. Health complications can become fatal for infants and senior citizens, and it can affect every age range with varying severity. If you are experiencing headaches or respiratory problems and you don’t know the reason, contact a professional water damage repair company to check out your home.

Unstable Studs
If moisture has penetrated into your walls or floors, the structure of your home could be unsafe for you to be living in. Water damage happens gradually, and in some cases, it’s hard to notice immediately. For example, one common place for the structure in your home to be unstable is around bathtubs and toilets. There could be leaking that you may not notice and it could cause the subfloor or studs to become soft. If you notice any sinking, creaking, or softness in the walls or floors, call a professional right away.

One result of water damage that a lot of people don’t know about is potential termite damage. Just like mold, termites will go anywhere where there are food sources and moisture. If there is residual moisture in your walls or subfloor because you didn’t have the correct tools for your water damage repair, then you run the risk of having these pests move into your home.

Water damage repair is something that should be handled by a professional who has the knowledge and tools to get every last drop of moisture out of your home. Structural damage is dangerous and costly, so it is best to get it figured out as soon as possible. If you have water damage in your home, make sure to contact the professionals in Indianapolis today.