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Avoiding Water Damage During Major Storms

water damage indianapolis, water damage repair indianapolis, water damage restoration indianapolisMajor storms are one of the main ways that water damage occurs in homes. Our water damage restoration technicians at Total Restoration GC in Indianapolis commonly deal with the aftermath of storms as they go out to remove water and repair damage in our clients’ homes. As a result, they know several of the most important ways to prevent water damage during a storm. Here are five of these specific ways to keep your home safe during a storm. 

Caulk Around Your Doors And Windows

The high winds from a storm can push water against your home with a surprising amount of force. As a result, the water will quickly find its way through any small cracks or holes around the doors or windows. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this problem by applying a fresh layer of caulk around all these points of entry to your home. 

Repair Any Cracks Or Holes In The Foundation

Water is crafty and will find its way through any small cracks or holes in your home’s foundation. To make matters worse, this water will gradually cause water damage as it builds up inside your home. Moreover, these cracks and holes often lead to easily-forgotten areas of a home, like basements and crawlspaces so the damage can easily go undetected for a long period of time. Make sure that you have your foundation inspected regularly for any cracks or holes and have it repaired immediately if any are detected. 

Move Vulnerable Items Above The Flood Level

While the preferred option is obviously to keep water out of your home completely during a storm. In cases of extremely severe storms, however, some degree of damage may not be preventable. When this is the case, you should move all vulnerable items in your home to higher ground to keep them safe from any floodwater. These items should, at a minimum, include electronics and important documents like passports and birth certificates. 

Secure Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture is a great addition to your yard, but they can become deadly projectiles in a storm. This happens when the high winds from the storm picks them up and throws them toward your home. Thus, if you know a storm is imminent, you should place all the patio furniture and other loose items in a safe place where they won’t be able to cause damage during a storm. 

Keep Your Rain Gutters Clear

Finally, keeping your gutters clear is a must for protecting your home from water damage during a storm. If you fail to do so, the rain from a storm will run over the top of your gutters, and the pool around your home significantly increases the likelihood that your home sustains water damage

Water Damage In Indianapolis

Following the tips above should allow you to keep your home safe during a flood. However, mistakes and freak accidents do happen so if your home is still hit by water damage give us a call at Total Restoration GC in Indianapolis as soon as you can.