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Avoid Water Damage At Your Cabin Or LakeHouse

water damage indianapolis, water damage cleanup indianapolisIn your home, excess water might be found in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room in a few hours or a few days. Hopefully, a local water damage team will respond within hours of your phone call and additional damage is avoided. However, even a small leak can also lead to substantial damage when it happens in a rarely visited second home.

Arriving At A Vacation Home

When you unload the kids, dogs and suitcases,  don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a musty odor in your home away from home. If the home has been flooded, had a leak, or has an excess of moisture and humidity, you could be greeted by water damage and mold.

This longer period of time before discovery can lead to a lot of water damage and oftentimes mold. Water damage is progressive; the longer that small water leak is allowed to drip, the more damage to your home or, worse, pose a dangerous threat to the health of your entire family.

Flooded Cabins

The worst possible outcome is to discover that the lake or river managed to inundate your home while you were away. If your cabin has experienced a flood, water damage is inevitable. Whether the floodwaters were only one-inch high or several feet, you must take certain steps to combat mold growth.

According to FEMA, it can take several days for a home to completely dry out.  You cannot begin any other cleaning procedures without dry conditions. Mold spores are always in the air, and they will have colonized any wet areas. When you realize that rain or lake water has gotten into space, call for professional help to keep safe from the spores.

Discard all porous items: couches, carpets, mattresses. Go into your kitchen, and open up all of the cabinet doors. It’s possible that the drywall behind your emergency food supply is damaged too. Become a detective in your home, and you can pinpoint all of the damp drywall for removal.

Condensation In Closed Up Cabins

Since you close and seal every entrance when you leave, any moisture trapped inside can begin to cause damage in your residential cabin. Mold spores are everywhere; when you leave water vapor in a dark, moist space, mold and mildew can flourish. Controlling moisture and condensation inside the house also improves the energy efficiency of the house, resulting in lesser heat and cooling expenses.

Any water leaks or drips need to be fixed as soon as you find them. For an added layer of safety, completely turn off the water supply to the cabin when you leave for the season.

Exterior Walls

Many times, a cabin is not manufactured to the high standards of your regular home. If you have a log cabin, a manufactured home/trailer, or a legacy home with many additions, there is a lot of opportunity to moisture to enter. The term water-resistant barrier, or WRB, describes water- and moisture-resistant exterior walls. At joints and junctures with no seal or barrier, water can cause water damage to walls, floors, and furnishings.

Air Flow

HVAC and exhaust systems inside the wooden house play a crucial role in minimizing air pressures and heat inside the log cabin and regulating the indoor air. Work with the thermostat settings to get a little circulation without using a lot of energy while you are away.

You can also use moisture canceling capsules that draw the moisture out of the air. Find the ‘tubs’ at the supermarket or home improvement store.

Your Foundation Can Suffer When You Are Gone

The residential cabin foundation is vulnerable;  safeguard the foundation against moisture and condensation damage with a good drainage system and stormwater management. Directing the water away from the cabin foundation minimizes the possibilities of dealing with moisture and condensation problems.

Short-Term Solutions

  • Keep the windows open as much as possible if the weather is dry
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture
  • Change the filter in the air conditioner before you turn it on
  • Wipe off any visible mold on walls, floors, and tiles with a bleach/water mixture

The Best Solution

Hire a professional company immediately. In fact, you may have flood insurance that covers some of the costs of repair and cleanup processes. Have the water damage and any mold properly remediated; keep your property and your family safe.

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