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The Cons Of DIY Water Damage Restoration

From a broken water line to an overflowing toilet, water damage can happen to anyone. When it happens to you or your property in Indianapolis you may be tempted to pull out your trusty mop and bucket and start cleaning up the mess on your own. Before you start mopping up any watery mess you should be aware of the cons of do-it-yourself water damage restoration.

Con: You May Not Be As Thorough As A Professional.

DIY projects are appealing to many people because they have complete control over what gets done. When you haven’t dealt with a water damage disaster before you may miss signs of water damage in areas that aren’t noticeable. Water is versatile and can easily find its way into small cracks and crevices causing major damage behind the walls, in the ceiling, and under the floors.

Con: It Can Cost More In The Long Run.

You may think that repairing water damage on your own will save you tons of money, right? Unfortunately, if you don’t have the proper experience or knowledge in water damage mitigation and restoration you can end up causing more damage and significantly increasing the cost of cleanup and repair.  

Con: It’s A Time Sensitive Process.

Water damage cleanup is a very time-sensitive process. Ideally, you want to begin the restoration process as soon as you possibly can. Since this is the case, a water damage restoration team, such as our certified pros at Total Restoration in Indianapolis, is able to devote an entire team of technicians totally dedicated to restoring the water damage from your home. Tackling this project on your own, it is not likely you will have the time needed to fully devote yourself to the cleanup job to get it done as quickly as possible. The need for promptness if amplified by the fact that mold growth from water damage can begin as soon as 24 hours after the flood. To prevent serious mold problems, you will need to have the water removed as soon as you possibly can.

Con: You Don’t Have The Proper Equipment.

Water damage restoration companies have high-quality water restoration equipment. The equipment they have industrial quality and not just something you can go buy at your local Home Depot. Furthermore, even if you do find somewhere to buy the industrial equipment, it is expensive and only pays itself off when it is used many times, such as when a cleaning and restoration company purchases one. You may be able to clean up the water from your home without the aid of industrial equipment, but it will take much longer and will probably not get the water cleaned up as thoroughly.

Con: It Can Be Dangerous.

There is a reason why water damage professionals go through rigorous certification training. Water damage restoration can be a dangerous process. The longer water is allowed to damage your home, the higher the risks of the structural integrity of the building becoming damaged and unstable. Not to mention that floodwater can often contain contaminants and harmful bacteria. If you’re not careful, exposure to floodwater contaminants can lead to serious medical conditions and diseases.

There are several good reasons why you should trust a water damage restoration company like Total Restoration to clean and restore your Indianapolis home when a water damage disaster strikes.