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Upgrade to The Latest In Plumbing Technology

With so many advances in technology over the last few years, when it is time to renovate or restore, we at Total Restoration recommend upgrading to some great innovations. Smart home automation plumbing systems can conserve natural resources while reducing a household’s water footprint. More highly-engineered bathroom and kitchen fixtures and plumbing products can also make cleaning easier. Here are some ideas to up your Indianapolis home and help prevent future water damage.

Touchless Faucets and Toilets

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for all sorts of mold and bacteria; modern controls are going touchless. The flu and other diseases get spread when people touch an infected surface and come in contact with their nose, eye or their mouth. Avoiding contact with the faucets and toilets is one of the best ways to keep your hands clean; toilets and faucets foster the perfect surface for germs to grow.

You can now flush the toilet or turn on the sink without physically interacting with a knob or handle. Even things like light switches are eliminating physical controls with less surface to collect germs.

More Powerful Flushes

Toilets are the main source of water use, about one-fourth of an average home’s water consumption. Saving water here can make a big impact. Toilet manufacturers have been hard at work developing toilets that deliver more powerful flushing action with less water. Your grandparents may have used 6 gallons per flush, the latest use 1.6.

Flood stop technology

Big appliances like washing machine, dish washer, toilets and water heaters have many opportunities to fail and cause an indoor flood. Today, an electronic flooding detector system can be put in for rapid detection of water damage. If there were to be a malfunction at a high risk area, the sensor would detect it and stop the supply of water to that particular area.

Better Water Heaters

Tankless water heater systems are 50% more energy efficient than traditional water heater systems. Tankless heaters supply water on demand instead of keeping a huge tank of water heated all the time. Save even more money by using a solar-powered panels on the roof. Water travels beneath panels and returns to the unit for use, leaving the need for electricity or gas fuels behind.

Smarter Appliances

Appliances now come with computer chips installed in them to control everything from wash settings, water temperature, water conservation modes, to automated cycles. They even sync with your smart devices so that you can control them on the go and track exactly what’s cycling through your water systems.

Some faucets and appliances now come with attached LED lighting and screens that allow you to monitor temperature control.  Bathroom faucets can give you the exact temperature readings of the water coming out and use LED lights to visually guide you.

More Accurate Yard Care

Smart technology is even moving outdoors and into lawn care.  With systems like ETWater, you can track the exact amount of water needed to keep your landscape healthy and green through your smart device.  It even adapts to changes in weather, knowing the precise amounts of rainfall your lawn has already received so that no water is wasted.

Greywater Recycling

Greywater is water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines that has been gently used. If it’s not used, it gets processed in your town;s wastewater plant and then discharged. Then it flows into our natural water systems, like rivers lakes and estuaries, where these trace elements can become pollutants. With a proper recycling system, it is not harmful to your plants, and can be used as an excellent fertilizer.   

Call Total Restoration For Water Damage Prevention and Repair

Get friendly, high-quality advice from Total Restoration certified staff about the latest technology, reduce your chances of water damage PLUS make your home more comfortable. These experts go through extensive water damage training and have years of experience with top-notch equipment and proven techniques.

Total Restoration provides 24 hour emergency services to help commercial and residential property in Indiana. By working closely with you and your insurance company, claims can be settled quickly so that repairs can begin. Contact us for help recovering from any residual water damage.