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Unexpected Complications Of Water Damage

water damage cleanup CarmelFew things are as demoralizing as walking into your basement to find yourself ankle-deep in water. Combined with the panic and stress of losing your belongings, a large list of unwelcome to-do tasks begins piling up as well. While this may be an unavoidable reality of water damage, we at Total Restoration in Carmel, Indiana are all about minimizing the stress and difficulties homeowners face when dealing with water damage. For that reason, it is important to be aware of the most serious complications that can crop up during the water damage cleanup process. Here are four of the most serious we make sure to account for. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Carmel


One of the most unsettling things that can happen to your home is a bug infestation. When bugs get into the walls, ceiling, or carpet they can be especially difficult to remove and also pose a hazard to your health and your home. Unfortunately, water damage is an open invitation to bugs, especially in Carmel where bugs are already a constant threat. Many people get so caught up with trying to remove the water and get back to normal after a water damage disaster that it’s easy to forget about bugs being a potential issue. Fortunately, the preventative solution is simple. Remove the water and moisture from your home and belongings as quickly as possible! 

Electrical Damage

Once again, with all the necessary cleanup steps on your mind after a water damage disaster, it’s easy to forget about the threat of electrical damage. For minor floods, this typically isn’t too much of a concern since there isn’t enough water to compromise your electrical systems. However, if the water level begins to rise you need to take action immediately and shut off your electricity before any damage can occur. 

Unseen Damage

The water damage that you can see could be the least of your problems. Underneath, there might be a lot more going on, and it could be a lot worse. You might think it’s not that bad, but it’s possible that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you act immediately, you will at least know what you’re dealing with. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become. 

Issues Dealing With Insurance

Submitting an insurance claim isn’t something anyone looks forward to. The odds are good that some form of (at least minor) complication or unexpected delay will occur when you file your claim. You can take steps to mitigate this by filing your claim promptly and taking the time to really understand your policy so you are less likely to encounter surprises later on. 

All in all, there are a lot of problems that can pop up after the initial water damage event. While you can’t always prevent this from happening, you can take steps ahead of time to be prepared and reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring. If you ever end up facing water damage disaster, give our water damage cleanup specialists at Total Restoration in Carmel a call for help