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water damage cleanup carmel

What You Need To Know About Buying A Home With Water Damage

Buying a home is a stressful process. Compounding that stress with the potential for water damage diminishing the value of the home can make it a lot to handle. Here are five things we at Total Restoration in Carmel recommend anyone who is considering buying a home with water damage and cleanup issues ought to […]

water damage cleanup Carmel

Unexpected Complications of Water Damage

Few things are as demoralizing as walking into your basement to find yourself ankle deep in water. Combined with the panic and stress of losing your belongings, a large list of unwelcome to-do tasks begins piling up as well. While this may be an unavoidable reality of water damage, we at Total Restoration in Carmel, […]

water damage cleanup carmel

Water Damage Cleanup Is A Timely Matter

Even though every water damage situation is different, one thing that is common between all of them is that damage from water happens fast. Water can, and will, absorb into porous materials within a matter of minutes, and water damages only compounds with time. The longer water damage is present in your Carmel home, the […]

Four Common Causes Of Water Damage

What Are The Four Common Causes Of Water Damage In Carmel, IN? Water damage can come from a large variety of different sources, but the majority of water damage is caused by just a few of the same events. Note, that all water damage events make occur due to similar sources, but the cleanup and […]

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Six Things You Ought To Know About Weather And Water Damage Restoration in Carmel Indiana

Don’t let the weather get you down! From our water damage restoration professionals at Total Restoration General Contractors, here are a few of the things you should know about the weather and water damage.  Water Damage Restoration In Carmel Know The Weather Events That Pose A Threat Hail Storms Hail storms typically aren’t serious enough […]

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Steps To Take To Help With Water Damage Restoration

Taking immediate action after water damage to your Carmel home can mitigate further problems and help keep restoration costs low. The problem is many homeowners do not know how to respond or what steps to take following water damage. This means valuable time can be wasted, and every second counts when dealing with water damage […]

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Four Advantages Of Hiring A Certified Contractor For Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration seems simple enough on the surface. Remove the floodwater, dry out the remaining moisture, and you should be good to go. Right?  Wrong!  Water damage restoration is actually a very involved and time-intensive process. Without the proper training, equipment, and manpower a cleaning and restoration job can quickly turn into a giant […]