Board Up

boarded_largeHave you recently experienced a property loss involving a fire, vandalism, vehicle impact, damage from a storm or another type of loss leaving your property exposed and open to unwanted intruders?

An important step when this type of damage occurs is to secure your home or office from looters and vandals as well as keeping it safe from the elements. With our 24 HOUR availability, we can have a team on your site ready to board up windows, doors and other structural openings. We will minimize the possibility of theft, personal injury or lawsuits from occurring.

Total Restoration has several types of materials and several sizes of plywood on an Emergency Response truck ready to respond when you need us the most. Rest assured your home or office will be protected until permanent repairs can be completed.

Need a contractor to complete the permanent repairs? We are more than capable of completing repairs or rebuilding an entire structure no matter how small or big the job may be. By giving us a call, you have started the important process of returning your home or office to the way it was before the loss.

Contact us

If this is an emergency, please call us at (317) 351-0555 for an immediate response, 24/7.