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Preventing Fire Damage in Indianapolis

Fire damage in your home can be costly and devastating especially around the holidays. Within in a matter of minutes, you can lose a lifetime of memories. Following these simple steps could have save your belongings and help prevent major repairs or even save your families lives in Indianapolis.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a great way to prevent a fire damage in your home in Indianapolis. Smoke detectors can detect smoke early, being able to detect a fire a couple minutes early could help save your life or even your home. When placing your alarm, you should mount it on the ceiling in the center of the stairway, hallway, or room.

Avoid installing an alarm close to windows or doors. Do not place alarms near a fan or vent. This will prevent smoke from being detected from your smoke detector increasing the chance of a fire damage in your home.

Always check to make sure you fire alarm is working properly to prevent a fire damage in your home. Battery operated smoke detectors should always have the batteries changed every six months. Battery smoke detectors will also warn you when the batteries need to be changed.

Fire Extinguishers

Smoke detectors are great to have in your house, but you should always consider a fire extinguisher. Extinguishers are lightweight and are easy to use and come in different designs on what time of fire. These fire extinguishers are specially made for fires such as paper and wood, cooking oil, or electrical fires helping prevent a fire damage in your home.

Electrical Fires

The simplest way to prevent a fire damage in your home is to avoid overloading your outlets. Outlets are only designed to deliver so much power through each outlet. Overloading outlets can stress these circuits by drawing too much power increasing the chance of having a fire damage in your home.

During the holiday when lighting your Christmas tree, never plug in more that three lights end to end. Every so often, check your light wires to make sure they’re not damage or warm to the touch. A dry Christmas tree can engulf into flames less than 30 seconds. Spending a little more money on LED Christmas lights on your tree could help prevent a fire damage in your Indianapolis home.

Fire Escape

Fires can move quickly through your home. Making sure you have a fire escape plan in your Indianapolis home could help save yours and your family lives. Draw a floor plan of your home and go over ways to evacuate each room, especially sleeping areas. Always practice how to evacuate your home so you are prepared if a fire does happen.

If your Indianapolis home suffers from a fire contact the specialists at Total Restoration. Our professionals can perform complete fire damage restoration services to get your home back to it’s pre-loss condition.