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Preparing for the Worst: Board Up Services in Indianapolis

Exterior of an abandoned house with boarded up windows

The last thing any a homeowner wants to do is board up their homes, for any reason. But the truth is, in the event of a tornado, fire, or other property loss, the sooner you get your home is boarded up, the better.

When the Ferguson Riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri several years ago, damaged homes and businesses were quickly boarded up to keep looters out and get the restoration process underway more quickly. When tornadoes passed through parts of Indiana in mid-August, damaging several homes in the process, they too quickly called in board up services to close off the site.

Let’s talk about the importance of a board up specifically after a fire. Once the Indianapolis Fire Department has cleared the scene, Total Restoration can step in and quickly get windows and doors boarded up, and even the roof covered.

Keep the Elements Out

First of all, this will keep the elements out. If it rains or snows overnight (yes, we went there – we said the “S” word), it won’t get into your building and add to the damage.

Now, this will also be trapping some moisture from putting out the fire inside a home, so we want to note here that the sooner the restoration process gets underway, the better. That water already sitting inside the home can do a lot of damage pretty quickly, and mold can start growing in just a few days.

But we digress… back to the board up chat.

Keep People Out

It’s no secret scenes like this attract gawkers. Unfortunately, some people are far too curious or greedy. In the case of the Ferguson Riots, board ups helped businesses and homeowners avoid being robbed. It also just kept people out altogether for the sake of liability and overall safety. Getting things boarded up will help quickly secure whatever contents did survive the fire, and deter miscreants from getting too greedy or nosey.

Don’t forget, even though you experienced a loss, you could still be liable if someone gets hurt on your property – so, again, board ups minimize the possibility of someone getting hurt or suing.

Having a Pro do the Board Up

It can be tempting to try to save a few bucks, run to the nearest hardware for some plywood and nails, and board up your building yourself. We do truly suggest you call in a professional. There are a variety of dangers after a fire. For example, the electrical could be still connected. Or, there are fall hazards when trying to board up second story windows. In addition, Total Restoration crews have the top-notch personal protective equipment and are trained to do board ups that will keep the elements out. They know how to effectively close up various openings, and can work together to get it done quickly.

Remember, entering any damaged building can be dangerous. Total Restoration can keep people with wandering eyes and imaginations out of your building, and get the full restoration process going as quickly as possible.