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Knowing the three water damage categories

98% of all basements in the United States will at some point have water damage. What exactly does that mean? It could be a lot of things; water damage can be fast or slow, minor or catastrophic, a quick fix, or a major loss of property issue that is expensive and time-consuming to solve. Honestly, based on the above statistic, one of the only things you can count on with water damage is that it happens to nearly everyone. When it does, we at Total Restoration want to be there to help you.

So, you’ve sustained some water damage in your Indianapolis home? Don’t worry; nearly everyone has or will have that experience at some point. Being educated about what you’re dealing with can give you peace of mind and help you be prepared. Here are the three general categories of water damage, and what can be done to help each one.

Category One: Clean Water

There’s not much to this type of water damage besides what you can gather from its descriptive name. This water is clean and comes from an uncontaminated source, so it is not dangerous if consumed by pets or people. This may happen in your home if an incoming water line bursts, or if you have an overflowing sink or bathtub. In this case, experts can extract the water and dry things out for you. It is important to have this well-done; any remaining wet areas can become petri dishes for mold, fungus, and other nasty growth.

Category Two: Grey Water

This is water from a source that may have some contaminants in it. Water from the “clean” category may become gray if left for too long, but other sources include sump pump failures and overflowing washing machines, or some sewage pipes. This water could cause you, loved ones, or pets to become sick if exposure is high or if it is consumed. Be careful when handling this emergency, and call a professional.

Category Three: Black Water

This is the most hazardous type of water damage and ought to be the object of your high concern. This water is very contaminated and likely comes from a natural disaster or sewage plumbing. Some water, such as ground water entering the home as a result of flooding, may look clean but actually contain microbes that would place it in the “black” category. Call professionals who can help remove the water and disinfect your home to avoid exposing members of your household to nasty bacteria which can cause illness.

Clean Water that stands for an extended period of time will go from “clean” to “gray” and “black” as bacteria starts to grow in the water and in the surfaces of your home such as carpet and drywall. With all types of water damage, it is important that clean up take place as soon as possible to minimize bacteria growth, damage, and expenses. Call Total Restoration General Contractors Inc. in Indianapolis for your emergency water damage cleanup needs today! Our team of professionals is ready with the solution you need, right when you need it.