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Keep Your Home Safe From Fire Damage

With the recent house fire that occurred in Bryan, we decided to spend some time talking about fire safety. It is hard to see this type of devastation take place in your community. The truth is that fire damage can affect any one of us, at any time. We want to help you keep your Carmel home as safe as possible from potential fires, so we are going to review some of the most common causes of house fires and how you can be more proactive in preventing them from occurring.

Fire Damage Restoration Carmel

  1. The number one cause of house fires across the country is cooking. In fact, cooking is the cause of half of all house fires that occur in the United States annually. Open flames, high temperatures, and combustible objects are used in kitchens every single day. This just means you cannot afford to be inattentive in the kitchen. Never leave cooking food unattended. Do not leave the home while appliances are still on and hot. Keep cooking surfaces clean, and remove excess build up before they are used again. Do not place, store, or keep any combustible objects near stove tops or other heat sources. The best practice in the kitchen is that you can never be too safe, and that it is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  2. Heating devices are the second leading cause of house fires. Portable heaters can be a great asset in keeping you home warm and comfortable, but when you fail to adhere to the spatial requirements for heaters, the results can be catastrophic. Most fires form heater occur because combustible items are placed too close to the heating unit. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines and spatial requirements and safe usage, and follow them strictly. While heater that run on fuel are convenient to have in case of power outages, keep in mind that they are more likely to cause a house fire than their electrical counterparts. That being said, electrical heaters can still spark a fire when not used as recommended. 
  3. That leads us right into the third most common cause of house fires – electrical fires. Fires caused by malfunctioning electrical outlets, cords, and faulty wiring account for a large number of fires every year (more than 51,000 fires per year according to Electrical Safety International). This is why it is important to keep your electrical system is up to code. You should also use surge protectors, never overload an outlet, and throw away any cords that are frayed or damaged. Do not add anything to your electrical panel without proper inspection and approval beforehand. You should also be sure that your light fixtures are up to code, and do not replace any without getting the new ones approved by a licensed electrician. 

Our hearts go out to the family that suffered the devastating fire recently, and to all those who have ever dealt with fire damage restoration. We are here to help lighten the load for our friends and neighbors in Carmel and around the Waco area when dealing with fire damage restoration and will handle the entire process for you. Be safe and proactive in preventing fire damage, and when you need restoration services call Total Restoration right away.