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How To Safely Handle Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration carmelOne thing many people who have suffered from fire damage fail to recognize is the dangers that linger after the flames have been put out. One of the biggest hazards resulting from a fire is smoke. Smoke is hazardous to breath because it contains a mix of chemicals and particles that result from the incomplete burning of materials that contain carbon. Pollutants found in the air from vehicle exhaust, power plants, incinerators, and wood-burning stoves are also found in smoke following house fires. However, smoke from house fires is more concentrated and, therefore, poses more of an immediate concern to those exposed to it. Virtually any fire will result in the release of carbon monoxide, large particulate matter, and chemicals, making it extremely dangerous. So, how do you safely handle fire damage restoration in Carmel, without subjecting yourself to the hazards of smoke exposure?

Fire Damage Restoration in Carmel

Fire departments and first responders have the expertise to extinguish fires and help direct people to safely reduce the risk of smoke exposure, which is why we let them handle putting out fires – to keep us safe and ensure the best results. The same goes with fire damage restoration. The threats of fire damage do not go away with the flames, and those with the expertise and experience to safely handle fire damage restoration should be the ones we rely on.  Total Restoration offers full-service fire damage restoration, including emergency board up and security, smoke odor removal, and soot cleanup. We are committed to your safety while helping you to get back to normal as soon as possible. After a fire, you need to take immediate action to reduce smoke exposure, while also taking immediate action to begin restoration and mitigate damage. The only way to do both while keeping you and your family safe is to call in the professionals. 

When you call Total Restoration for disaster restoration services, you can rest assured that you are taking the right steps to ensure your home can recover from any size fire disaster or smoke damage. Depending on the type of fire and the scope of the damage, we will come up with a custom plan for your home to meet your needs and expectations. We carefully evaluate the site and determine a course of action that will keep you and your family safe. We are certified by the IICRC and have the latest training and specialized equipment required to restore your property and remove any lingering threats of smoke and soot. We understand that smoke and soot can lead to bigger problems and health threats, even when dealing with small fires. Smoke and soot linger long after the flames have been extinguished, and that is why we offer premium smoke and soot removal with our fire damage restoration. Do not expose you or your loved ones to the dangers of smoke following a fire – instead, rely on Total Restoration for your fire damage restoration so that we can remove all the dangers and damages that follow a fire.