5 Things To Do After A Flood

flood damage indianapolis, flood damage cleanup indianapolisFloods can be caused by many things. Severe weather, a sudden downpour of rain, appliance malfunction, and broken pipes can all cause flooding in a home or business. The worse thing you can do when it comes to flood damage is not be prepared. Being prepared means knowing the right steps to talk after a flood has happened. If flooding has occurred, you definitely want to contact certified & insured professionals that can successfully remove the water and restore your property – but there are steps you can take before they arrive.

Stay Out Of The Damage

There are many safety risks that need to be taken into consideration after a flood. The Federal Emergency Management Agency warns that you should check for any visible structural damage before entering a flood-damaged property and contact utility companies if you suspect damage to water, gas, electric, and sewer lines. Don’t try to turn off any type of gas or electricity unless y0u know what y0u are doing. It is best to let professional electricians and gas workers take care of turning on/off lines.

Document With Photographs

Don’t forget that when flooding happens, mold often accompanies the water. The longer the water sits in an area, the more likely mold is to grow. If water is being extracted and dried, be sure to have the area tested and inspected for mold so that a small problem doesn’t turn into a much bigger, more expensive one.
The flood damage to your property may require a professional water damage restoration team. In Indianapolis, Total Restoration works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency water extraction and restoration to both residential and commercial properties. If a flood has damaged your property, save yourself time and money and contact a professional team that has the equipment and expertise needed to successfully remediate your property.

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