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Five Flood Damage Cleanup Tips

flooding bathroom interior ( 3D rendering )

Floods are never fun for either humans or even tasty fishes.  Any type of flooding scenario that people encounter, is always a disaster even if there are no human casualties.  Possessions are ruined, furniture reshaped, the entire basement look is different than what it was beforehand. It would almost appear unrecognizable!  But fear not, for all is not lost! After you have called your insurance company and informed them of the situation and how dire it has become, now is the time to take matters in your own hands in order to ease the workload a bit from a professional cleanup crew’s backs. Here are four tips that you can use, to make your life, and the lives of the cleanup crew that you higher, much easier than beforehand.

  • Turn off all utilities to the affected area. Water and electricity are a deadly combination. Once the power is off, unplug all appliances and don’t use them until all the water has been removed. Wear tall boots, preferably with rubber soles, to keep your feet dry and to maintain secure footing. A headlamp keeps your hands free and ensures the light is always right where you need it.
  • Use a submersible sump pump to remove water more than an inch deep. Use a wet/dry vac to clean up less than an inch of water. Keep in mind that a shop-vac is no substitute for a sump pump. Never use a carpet vacuum!
  • Once the water is gone, move the contents upstairs and check for damage. Rugs can be draped over clotheslines or lawn furniture to dry. Check shower curtains for mold. If you experience floods often, store items like holiday decorations in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Turn the utilities back on, and then set up the drying equipment. Set up every fan you own and borrow from friends and family. Rental stores usually carry industrial-sized fans. Dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air and speed the process, although they need to be emptied frequently. When the professionals come in to help, their advanced equipment will dry the wet areas faster to keep mold from growing.
  • Thoroughly clean hard surfaces with a bleach and water mixture. Any porous surfaces should be scrubbed with a fungicidal cleaner to prevent mold. Allow the area to dry completely before moving anything back.

Time For The Professionals To Come In

Now that you have these tips in hand, it is time to call the professionals. They will perform a more thorough search of your basement to make sure that there are no hidden water dangers nearby.  Total Restoration General Contractors Inc. is a professional team certified in dealing with flood damage cleanup in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our team is highly qualified to clean up any water damage due to basement flooding and more. We offer basement water extraction, damp basement drying, water cleanup due to leaks and drips, restoration after appliance flooding, and more.  

Total Restoration General Contractors Inc. has skilled technicians who will remove any water quickly and efficiently. If you contact us right away we can even prevent structural damage and secondary water problems such as mold and mildewgrowth. They utilize top-notch equipment to remove any excess moisture, completely drying out your damp basement. Once all of the water and excess moisture has been completely removed, our experienced professionals will clean, sanitize and treat the area to make sure that mold does not form. Go ahead and give them a ring; you won’t be disappointed! (317) 351-0555