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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Water Extraction And Cleanup!

When your business suffers from a water disaster, you need help fast! Excessive water damage could put your business out of commission until the damage has been cleaned and restored. To get your business back to business quickly, you need the help of trusted professionals who can remove any standing water, decontaminate any areas affected by contaminated water, and restore any structural damage caused by the water.

Total Restoration in Indianapolis is a top-rated full restoration and construction company that can easily clean up any type of water disaster and restore your business property to pre-loss condition, ensuring that the building is completely safe for future occupants and for productivity. Don’t rely on just anyone, call our professional team who will do it right the first time and make sure your business is safe to conduct future business.

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How Does Water Damage My Property?

To understand the need for professional water remediation, you need to understand how water can damage your property and why professional help is important. Water spreads fast. Standing water can quickly grow into a mold problem if the water is not extracted and the affected areas dried immediately. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours if given the right environment. Most water disasters create the perfect environment for mold to grow in. If mold does grow, the damage will become a much bigger, and more costly problem to fix.

Total Restoration works fast to make sure we minimize as much damage as possible. That includes a prompt response to assess the damage, removing all standing water and drying the affected areas with advanced equipment that can thoroughly dry the property before mold sets in.

Why Total Restoration Is Your Best Bet

Total Restoration isn’t even a bet. Hands down, Total Restoration has the experience and expertise needed to clean up and repair any size of water damage. We have the experience needed to clean and repair damage caused by:

  • Outside Flooding
  • Pipe Bursts & Leaks
  • Sewage Backup
  • Ceiling Leaks
  • Appliance Failures
  • and more!

It’s not just about our expertise though. Total Restoration is 100% committed to making sure that you are more than satisfied with the end result and, more importantly, that your property is safe to conduct future business in. We care about our clients and they are our priority every step of the way.

Premium Services By Water Damage Specialists

  • 24 Hour Response, 7 Days A Week
  • Immediate Response For Minimal Loss
  • Free Evaluations & Estimates
  • We Work With Your Insurance Directly
  • Secure Damage Property
  • Full-Service General Contractor For Construction/Reconstruction
  • Equipped For Any Size Of Disaster At Any Time Of Day

Let Us Help You Get Back To Normal, Give Us A Call: 317-351-0555

Whether the water damage comes from a flood, a sewage backup, or a broken pipe, Total Restoration has the equipment and manpower to quickly remove the water, dry the affected areas and restore your property to pre-loss condition fast! Call us today!

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