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Roof Repair And Replacement – 24 Hour Service Available!

Your business property is the largest investment you’ll ever make.  Your roof may be the most important part of your business, protecting your assets and the people working under it.  Given the unpredictable weather in Indiana from hail and windstorms to tornados, repairing or even replacing a roof may be something you will have to do as a business owner.

From emergency tarping after heavy storms or roof damage to the inspection, repair, and replacement, Total Restoration works with you and your insurance company to quickly secure and restore your roof as needed.

Roof Installations & Maintenance Are Our Specialties

You don’t have to deal with a leaky or damaged roof. Trying to patch up problems over and over again is a headache. Total Restoration is your ticket to a secure business that you don’t have to worry about. You can limit the damage to your roof and to the interior property by making a call to our roofing contractors and letting our specialists take care of any new roof installations and routine roof maintenance. Roofing repairs and upkeep is something we don’t just know…we live it!

Get high-quality roofing guidance when you contact us for a consultation or an estimate. We are always happy to help you review the options available to you and help you make the best decision for your needs.

Full-Service Contractor For All Your Restoration Needs

Total Restoration is a premier licensed contractor with decades of experience restoring homes and businesses in Indianapolis.  It’s not uncommon for a damaged roof to cause damage to the interior of your home as well. Our team of restoration experts can take care of your home from top to bottom, exterior to interior.  One call and we take care of it all.

Roofer Working On Exterior Of New Home

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If this is an emergency, please call (317) 548-6449 for help 24/7.