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Four Common Water Damage Clean Up Mistakes

Upon finding their home or business affected by water damage, many people immediately react by jumping in and cleaning up the mess. Obviously, it’s important to begin the process or restoring your property as soon as possible, but starting before you have taken the necessary steps or know exactly what you are doing could actually make things worse in the end. To help you avoid that, a few of the most common mistakes in water damage clean up are listed below. Of all the common blunders, the most critical mistake to not make is failing to hire a professional restoration contractor to do the dirty work for you. In the Indianapolis area, Total Restoration General Contractors is one such company that is capable and qualified to aid you in your water damage restoration efforts.

Mistake #1- Not Getting the Job Done RIGHT the First Time

Many people that adopt the “do it yourself” approach when it comes to water damage clean up. However, this is often a much more difficult process than people imagine. Completely restoring your home from the water damage can be a lengthy endeavor, and it’s important that you follow the proper procedures. For example, if you neglect to begin airing out your home by opening up windows and doors for ventilation and using fans to dry things out as soon as possible, the damage will be worse in the long run.

Mistake #2- Not Being Completely Thorough

As mentioned above, the water damage restoration process done right requires that you be very thorough. You can’t cut any corners, and there aren’t any major shortcuts you can take that will make a big difference. Therefore, you need to know that it will be an investment of time to get the job done and get it done right. If the water is not removed all the way then mold will begin to grow on and in your walls, ceilings, and carpet over time.

Mistake #3- Waiting Too Long

If the flooding or water damage isn’t too serious at first, it’s tempting to put off dealing with it right away especially when you’ve got a lot going on.  However, even minor flooding can lead to major damage in the long run. This occurs as the water seeps into your walls and flooring over time causing structural damage and mold growth. It’s definitely not worth the risk procrastinating it at all.

Mistake #4- Not Involving a Certified Restoration Company

Undertaking the water damage restoration process on your own is a giant task. To get it done right, it requires that you have the proper expertise, the right equipment, and enough time to be as thorough as the task requires. On paper, it may seem like you have all time and resources to get it all cleaned up, but the process is more involved than many people originally think. So, if you find your home or commercial business property compromised by flooding or water damage, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Total Restoration General Contractors in the Indianapolis area.