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Broken Pipes

Your Pipes Burst And Now You Have Water Everywhere – You Can Remove The Water And Save Your Home From Damage Fast – Call 24 Hours A Day!

Water disasters can happen from leaking pipes, broken pipes, and frozen pipes bursting inside your walls. Wherever the damage comes from, you can count on Total Restoration to remove the water, dry the affected areas, and restore your property back to normal.

A broken pipe can cause serious water damage to your home or business within a matter of minutes. Water pipes can break because they are corroded and worn down, they can become jarred loose from the vibrations of foot traffic, growing tree roots can damage the pipe, or they can freeze and crack during the winter season. Regardless of the cause, you must act fast to clean up the water damage to keep your home and business safe, dry, and free of mold and mildew.

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Prevent Extensive Damage – Call Total Restoration Immediately!

Broken pipes can become a huge problem if they aren’t fixed quickly. Water can find its way into the tiniest cracks and crevices, damaging most of the material it comes in contact within a matter of minutes. Water can penetrate and destroy anything from carpets to furniture to ceilings.

Depending on the type of pipes that break, your health and the health of your loved ones could be at risk. Contaminated water from sewer pipes and other types of pipes can create a hazardous environment that should not be entered until our professional team has assessed the damage and removed any hazardous water. Cleaning up the damage in a timely manner is critical. When your home suffers from water damage caused by a broken pipe, contact the certified technicians at Total Restoration.

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No matter what type of water damage situation you have, Total Restoration is certified and experienced to extract standing water, dry the affected areas, decontaminate any space that has been touched by dangerous water, sanitize the areas properly, and repair and restore any structural damage caused by the water.

Total Restoration is a full-service contractor which means that you won’t have to call any other company during the restoration process. Total Restoration can do it all! When your property is damaged by a broken, leaking or burst pipe, don’t hesitate to call our professionals and get them on the scene immediately! We are committed to providing the ultimate customer experience and helping you find comfort and peace during a stressful water disaster!


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When a pipe breaks in your home, you can easily have an immediate flood on your hands. Trying to clean up the mess on your own could lead to structural damage and mold growth. Don’t risk more damage – call the professionals at Total Restoration who will step in immediately!

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