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The Three Different Water Types

Not all water damage cleanup is the same, and we at Total Restoration GC in Indianapolis are witnesses to that. In fact, different types of water require different cleanup techniques. Contaminated water requires extra decontamination and sterilization to restore a healthy indoor environment for you and your family in Indianapolis. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning […]

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Response Steps To Minimize Water Damage

Flooding can happen for any number of reasons. Every home in Indianapolis needs water access and is exposed from time to time to the elements. Because of the universality of water in homes, it follows logically that water getting in the wrong places would also be one of the most common problems. Did you know […]

Knowing the three water damage categories

98% of all basements in the United States will at some point have water damage. What exactly does that mean? It could be a lot of things; water damage can be fast or slow, minor or catastrophic, a quick fix, or a major loss of property issue that is expensive and time-consuming to solve. Honestly, […]

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Avoid Water Damage At Your Cabin Or LakeHouse

In your home, excess water might be found in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room in a few hours or a few days. Hopefully, a local water damage team will respond within hours of your phone call and additional damage is avoided. However, even a small leak can also lead to substantial damage when it […]

Upgrade to The Latest In Plumbing Technology

With so many advances in technology over the last few years, when it is time to renovate or restore, we at Total Restoration recommend upgrading to some great innovations. Smart home automation plumbing systems can conserve natural resources while reducing a household’s water footprint. More highly-engineered bathroom and kitchen fixtures and plumbing products can also […]

Is It Covered?

by Daniel Crichlow Capitol Insurance & Risk Management Group You just had a claim! That’s never fun. However, you hopefully purchased the right type and amount of insurance to cover the loss. One of the worst feelings for me is waiting in the ‘unknown zone.’ Waiting for an answer and not knowing if it will […]

Water Damaged Ceilings

While a burst pipe is an immediate call to action, a stain on the ceiling is a subtle lingering reminder that something is wrong in your house. Instead of avoiding it, here are some facts to get you up to go investigate! Whether it’s the roof or an upstairs bathroom, whatever is above the ceiling […]

Flood Damage Cleanup On Your Indianapolis Property

Prevent long-lasting damage to your home or business in Indiana. Spring cleaning takes a different meaning in Indianapolis. Yes, the sun is shining, but with rising temperatures come rising river levels and water tables, which means more flooding. Flash floods can happen in a blink of an eye, and before you know it, your basement or commercial building […]

Step By Step Flood Cleanup

A messy, wet house after a flood is overwhelming. Not only have you lost your possessions, but your entire home structure is also still vulnerable to damage. Where can you start to get back into the home in order to lean it? FEMA and Total Restoration of Indianapolis offer some great tips to help you […]

Buying Water Damage Homes

Have you ever been out house hunting, looking for a perfect flip home? Most of the time these homes are the ones that are a little distressed and rough around the edges. The home may have been foreclosed or it may have some pretty extreme looking damage, but these are the homes that give you […]