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water damage cleanup Carmel

Unexpected Complications of Water Damage

Few things are as demoralizing as walking into your basement to find yourself ankle deep in water. Combined with the panic and stress of losing your belongings, a large list of unwelcome to-do tasks begins piling up as well. While this may be an unavoidable reality of water damage, we at Total Restoration in Carmel, […]

water damage cleanup carmel

Water Damage Cleanup Is A Timely Matter

Even though every water damage situation is different, one thing that is common between all of them is that damage from water happens fast. Water can, and will, absorb into porous materials within a matter of minutes, and water damages only compounds with time. The longer water damage is present in your Carmel home, the […]

water damage restoration carmel

Should You Replace Your Carpets During Water Damage Restoration?

Before you start pulling up your carpets after your home has suffered from water damage, there are some important things you should consider. Sometimes carpet can be salvaged after water damage (same goes for rugs, upholstered furniture, and other textile goods in your home). So before you give up hope and consider your carpets a […]

water damage restoration carmel

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Water damage is always a disaster that most property owners want to prevent. A small amount of water can cause severe damage to your house. This not only diminishes your house’s overall look but can also potentially cause serious structural damage to your property. As a result, understanding how to prevent water damage in your house is critical. You […]

fire damage restoration carmel

How To Safely Handle Fire Damage Restoration

One thing many people who have suffered from fire damage fail to recognize is the dangers that linger after the flames have been put out. One of the biggest hazards resulting from a fire is smoke. Smoke is hazardous to breath because it contains a mix of chemicals and particles that result from the incomplete […]

water damage restoration carmel

What You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration in Carmel

Understanding the different categories of water can help you be more prepared when your home requires water damage restoration. Because not all water is the same, it is important to know how to handle water damage from different sources, and what that could entail for your home’s restoration. Since most of us are not familiar […]

Keep Your Home Safe From Fire Damage

With the recent house fire that occurred in Bryan, we decided to spend some time talking about fire safety. It is hard to see this type of devastation take place in your community. The truth is that fire damage can affect any one of us, at any time. We want to help you keep your […]

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Three Myths About Water Damage Cleanup In Indianapolis

There are tons of articles on the internet about water damage restoration, and how to ‘do it yourself.’ The problem is, not all information you find online is trustworthy, or even correct. Since water damage often happens when you least expect it, you are often caught off guard. IT is hard to know how to […]

cabinet water damage

What Are The Signs Of Water Damaged Cabinets In Indianapolis?

The kitchen is the heart of any Indianapolis home. Your bathroom is your sanctuary. Both rooms have multiple plumbing connections and built-in cabinets. Wooden or composite, they can be painted, stained, or open shelves. But if your cabinets get damaged from a leak, you’ll have to repair or replace them.  And it’s a big investment. […]

Four Common Causes Of Water Damage

What Are The Four Common Causes Of Water Damage In Carmel, IN? Water damage can come from a large variety of different sources, but the majority of water damage is caused by just a few of the same events. Note, that all water damage events make occur due to similar sources, but the cleanup and […]

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