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Appliances That Cause Water Damage

water damage cleanup carmelAppliances are essential in any home. They assist us in our daily lives, whether that’s cooking, cleaning, storing food, or doing any domestic chores. However, if they are not properly maintained, a whole slew of issues can occur. Those such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and faucets all have the same thing in common: water. Unfortunately, if any of these appliances were to malfunction or were neglected in care, there is a huge potential for water damage

Water Damage Cleanup – Carmel

Water damage is usually described as any possible loss that occurs from water intruding into a place it shouldn’t be. It can be destructive in nature, as it can destroy possessions, home features, and structures. If it is left unattended, water could seep into anything and cause everlasting damage. Moreover, damp spots that are not dried up will attract mold, which is extremely dangerous to the health of people and structures. Appliances in our home can be contributors to water damage, so it is important to understand which ones to keep an eye on for potential problems. 


Dishwashers are huge contributors to water damage, as they use lots of water to complete tasks. They can leak through the doors, either from normal wear and tear or from improperly using them. Loading them improperly or too full or adding access soap can all cause leaks in a dishwasher. Moreover, leaks can come from underneath the dishwasher, most likely from a crack in a hose, gasket failure, or loose connections. Leaking water underneath appliances can go unnoticed for a long time, as they are out of sight. Water left unattended will attract mold and damage to the flooring. 


A refrigerator is a necessity and is present in practically every home. However, it is very prone to water damage issues, though there isn’t nearly as much water utilized in it as there is in the dishwasher. Plastic or copper water lines develop cracks over time and can cause major flooding in short periods. Even doing simple tasks, such as pulling the fridge out to clean behind or pushing it back in afterward can bend and break tubing. Unfortunately, like the dishwasher, the water lines are behind or underneath the refrigerator, so leaking water may not be noticed. Some homeowners combat this by laying a mat under to catch extra moisture. However, this is counterproductive if the mat isn’t regularly being dried out. 

Washing Machine

One of the leading causes of water damage in a home is the washing machine. Significant water damage can occur from this appliance if anything goes wrong. Water hoses can leak, break, or come loose completely from the connector, resulting in a flood. Additionally, flooding can occur if there are any sort of drainage issues, such as clogged, broken, or misaligned pipes. Internal leaks in the drum of the machine can also be a source of water damage, either damaged from misuse or age. Unfortunately, all of these problems could go completely unnoticed until the next time the washing machine is used, leading to a flood. 

Preventative Measures

A lot of the problems stemming from these appliances can be avoided with proper and regular maintenance. Staying on top of the general maintenance of any appliance is essential when trying to prevent water damage. Set a routine inspection for all of these appliances to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Each appliance will need to be checked for different things which include but are not limited to: leaning out any necessary pipes or lines, replacing damaged parts, and calling professionals to help with any needed assistance. 

When To Call A Professional

Unfortunately, one could take all the preventive measures possible and still wind up with water damage. This is pure because accidents happen to everyone. With that being said, there are still steps that can be taken to prevent water damage from getting worse. If you ever feel that fixing the problem is out of your scope or overwhelming, professionals at Total Restoration are available to help. They are expertly trained in water damage cleanup to ensure that all the risks of water damage are eliminated and your home is brought back to the way you know it.