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5 Safety Tips During Water Damage Cleanup

water damage restoration indianapolis, water damage indianapolis, water damage cleanup indianapolisWater damage cleanup processes can be far more dangerous than many people anticipate. One rookie mistake during water damage is underestimating these dangers. To be prepared for them, it’s important to know what precautions you ought to take. Here are five simple precautions during water damage cleanup recommended by our water damage restoration professionals at Total Restoration General Contractors in Indianapolis to help keep you safe if your home ever floods. 

Don’t Go Back Until It Is Safe

The best practice after a flood is to completely avoid going back into your home until it has been deemed safe to do so by professional water damage technicians. This is due to the numerous different hazards brought on by a flood like contamination, structural damage, mold growth, and electrocution. Completely avoiding going back into your home after a flood may not be feasible for everyone, however, so if you do make sure you wear the appropriate protective gear to stay safe. 

Prepare For The Worst (collapsed roof, gas leaks, etc.)

Many complications can crop up during the water damage cleanup process. While it is unlikely that all of these will occur after a flood, it is still valuable to be ready and prepared for each one in case it does. Some complications you should be aware include a collapsed roof, gas leaks, compromised electrical systems, and pest infestations. 

Wear Protective Gear

As mentioned above, if you do have to go back into your home after a flood, wearing the appropriate protective gear is essential. Depending on scope of the damage, this includes respiratory protection, rubber gloves, rubber boots, and so on. 

Avoid Contaminated Foods

Floodwater is often contaminated with hazardous bacteria and microorganisms. In some cases, it can carry these bacteria and microorganisms into your food. If you fail to then dispose of these foods, you put yourself at risk of ingesting the contaminants and becoming dangerously ill. As a good rule of thumb, you should throw away any food contained in cardboard that was touched by the floodwater or food that is exposed. Food in glass or plastic containers should be fine but make sure the seal is tight and that you sanitize the outside of the container. 

Remove The Water ASAP

One final safety precaution you should take after a flood is to make removing the floodwater one of your top priorities. Doing this mitigates the amount of mold and water damage that your home receives which each pose their own safety hazards. Do not procrastinate the cleanup process no matter what other distractions you have going on at the same time. 

Water Damage Restoration In Indianapolis

Neither your home, nor anything in it is more important than your safety. The safety precautions above are a few of the most important things you should do to keep yourself safe after a flood. As you make these your number one priority and call us at Total Restoration General Contractors in Indianapolis for help after a flood, you should be able to keep safe and successfully make it through the restoration process.